Word Ladder Worksheet For The Halloween

By on October 18, 2014
Halloween Word Ladder

A great word game for kids is Word Ladder. DLTK-Kids.com has a set of word ladders in time for Halloween.

Lewis Carroll, the writer of Alice in Wonderland, invented this word game.

Here are the worksheets that you can print:

Halloween Word Ladder – Easy

Halloween Word Ladder – Medium

Halloween Word Ladder – Hard

Word Ladder Instructions:

  • Print out the template and complete the word ladder listed based on the clues provided.
  • Choose the difficulty that you like. There are three versions of each word ladder — the hard version has none of the ladder filled in, the medium version has two letters of each word filled in and the easy version has three letters of each word filled in.
  • Change one letter of the word for each rung of the ladder to form a new word. The clues will help you figure out what the word should be.

Complete all of the rungs of the ladder to complete the puzzle!

You can get more worksheets like this from DLTK-Kids.com

For more Word Ladder Worksheets, get them here(Amazon.com).

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