These Kids Are Wearing DIY Halloween Costumes That You Can Play With. You Can Make Your Own, Too!

By on October 16, 2014
DIY Halloween Costumes put up some creative DIY costume ideas for Halloween.

The costumes are easy to make and easy on the budget since most of the costumes use readily available materials such as cardboard boxes, markers and the like. Aside from these, the costumes are fun to play with.

Yes. You heard it right. Fun to play with.

The costumes are not your ordinary ghost or monster get-ups. Instead, the costumes are inspired by board games such as checkers and tic-tac-toe.

Here are some pictures of the DIY Halloween costumes:


For the checker costume, you will need:

  • cardboard box
  • markers or paint
  • additional cardboard for the checkers
  • glue or tape
  • scissors


Things you need to do:

  1. Cut out arm and head holes on the box.
  2. If the box is not white, glue some white paper on it.
  3. Make 25 equal square (I know real checkers’ board is bigger, but it was easier this way for the sake of the costume)
  4. Color the black squares
  5. cut out 5 white and 5 blue circles. They will be your checkers.
  6. glue them on the board.

Another nice idea also is a tic-tac-toe costume:

Tic Tac Toe Costume

Tic Tac Toe Costume

You can read the full details on this DIY project at

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