Mom Shares One-Week Lesson Plans She Used For Her Kids. You’ll Love Them, Too!

By on October 13, 2014

Looking for a plan to follow to teach your toddler? Erica Edwards put up some one-week lesson plans which she used for her kids and the results were fun to see.

Erika made lesson plans with simple themes such as swamps, farms, oceans, and dinosaurs. Kids really enjoys doing the activities in them.

The lessons are easy to do using materials available at home (and some additional materials that you need to prepare beforehand).

She also shares the good and the not so good things that happened when she used the lesson plan on her kid.

She shares these lessons in the following documents (which you can download for free). Check them out.

Week 1 – The Swamp Lesson

Week 1- The Swamp Lesson

Here’s a photo of her kid doing the activity:

Week 2 – The Ocean Lesson

Week 2 – The Ocean Lesson

A sample of the ocean activity board.

Week 3 – The Dinosaur Lesson

Week 3 – The Dinosaur Lesson


Week 4 – The Farm Lesson

Week 4 – The Farm Lesson

Erika’s kid is so happy with his okra artwork.

To know more about the lesson plans and activities, you may check out her blog at

Images are from Erika’s blog.

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