October Lesson Plan For Preschoolers and Toddlers

By on October 18, 2014
October Lesson Plan

For the month of October, it’s great to cover Fall themes. Erica Edwards has a lesson plan that captures the Autumn season.

The lesson plan covers fall-related stuff such as leaves, migration, hibernation, food collection/storage, harvest and Halloween, of course. There are different activities that you can do with your child that he will surely enjoy.

Here’s the copy of the lesson plan:

Pre-K October

Erica’s kids were really enjoying the activities. Here are some of the pictures of the October lesson plan crafts and her kid doing the activities:

The October Board

The October Board

Paper Bag Tree Craft

Tree made from paper bag and leaves fron construction paper.

Blowing Leaves

Erica’s kid blows leaves to see which one he can blow the farthest

To find out more about what Erica did, visit her blog at EccentricEdwards.blogspot.com

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