The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids of 2014 on Amazon

By on October 21, 2014
Popular Halloween Costumes 2014

It’s the season once again of trick or treats, pumpkins and of course, costumes!

Have you decided yet on what your kid will wear? According to Amazon, this year’s most popular costumes include a Disney princess, a ninja or turtle (or both) and a Disney classic character.

1. Elsa

Frozen Kid

Elsa Costume (Photo by Disguise Costumes)

The most popular costume of course, is Disney Princess Elsa. Since it’s movie release in December 2013, every little girl wants to “let it go”. Now their dream of becoming Elsa can finally come true this Halloween.

2. Michelangelo

Ninja Turtle

Michaelangelo of TMNT (Photo by Rubie’s Costume Co.)

Not the artist just to be clear. Of all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michaelangelo is the most popular one. With their major movie released this year, every kid wants to be one of the heroes in a half shell.

3. Lion

Lion Baby

Lion costume for babies (Photo by Lil Characters)

For some reason, parents dress their babies a lion costume once in a lifetime. It seems that the tradition is well alive as proven by the trend in Amazon.

4. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse (Photo by Disney)

This Disney Classic character seems to continue charming little girls even though it is 86 years old. A classic indeed!

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