Little Girl Has The Coolest Halloween Costume Ever!

By on October 28, 2014
Glowy Zoey

This Halloween season, we’ve seen a lot of different costumes, ranging from Disney princesses to fruits to superheroes.

But the coolest by far that I’ve seen is the glowing costume made by a father for his daughter.

Last Year, Royce Hutain made a Halloween costume for her kid made from LED lights. He took a video of his daughter Zoey wearing it and instantly it went viral.

This year, Royce decided to make more of the costume and sell it to the public. The product, called GlowyZoey, was received by the public with open arms and people were very eager to buy one for their kids. However, as of last update, the costumes are already sold out.

Check out Zoey’s website and Facebook page for the full story.

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