Cool Halloween Door Decorations You Can Do With Your Kids

By on October 26, 2014

The trick-or-treat season is almost up. Here are some cool door decorations that you can do with your kids this Halloween. They only use simple materials and they are easy to do. And they look cool and nice, too!

1. Mummy

Some tissue paper (or other white paper strips), tape and construction paper (for the eyes) will do the trick (or the wrap for that matter).

Mummy door decoration

Mummy door decoration(photo by My Classroom Ideas)

2. Three-eyed Monster

You can create one of this by using paper bags for the body and some construction paper for the eyes.

Paper bag three-eyed monster

Paper bag three-eyed monster (image from Homejelly)

3. Spider Web

You can use a roll or two of masking tape for making the web. Then just attach a toy spider (or you can make your own) anywhere on the web.

Spider web door

Spider web door (image from The Family Chapters)

4. Big-eyed Monster

For this design, use two paper plates for the eyes, some Christmas garland for the eye brows, and a decorated foam board for the mouth. You can read more here.

Big-Eyed Monster

Big-Eyed Monster (photo by

5. Minions

Yellow and blue cloth or construction paper for the body and clothes. Black and white paper for the eyes. And you have your minion!

Minion Door

Minion Door (from

Another Minion

Another Minion (image from

6. Jack Skellington

You just need a white cloth and some black construction paper cutouts to carry out this decor.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington (image from

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